ARGV Augmented Reality

3D modeling, rendering. Product catalog in 3D. Augmented reality. Application Development...

ARGuv - 3D models optimized for AR, VR, SparkAR and marketplaces. ARGuv - catalog of your products in 3D and in AR. ARGuv - mobile applications with augmented reality. ARGuv - the unique 3D WEB player for a website with animation. ARGuv - your advertising in AR. ARGuv - your reliable partner!

Teleporting goods at home to your customers! We'll show you how to fit a refrigerator in the kitchen in seconds.

Reset expenses to showrooms! You will reduce the cost of displaying products in offline stores and salons.

Let's try on the furniture to the client's interior! Whether the new chair is combined with the furniture is known even before its purchase.

Let's put the tile and paste the wallpaper virtually in minutes! Glue the decor even before you order everything online.

How does it works

The client can choose products from your 3D catalog and place them on his desk, floor, wall or ceiling, seeing how it looks in his interior, through the camera of his mobile phone. And not just to post, but also to interact with these products using the application. Select, reduce, move, twist, change shape, open, walk inside, inspect outside, play and enjoy the process ;)

An example of the catalog on your site is below. Click the View in 3D button. In the window that opens, click on the QR code and scan it with your phone. Install the ARGOV application and scan the same code in the application for viewing in AR:

Building a large-scale copy is long. Model the structure in 3D. View all the details through your phone or scroll it on your laptop screen.

Now you don't need a virtual reality helmet to evaluate the interior offered by your designer. The phone is enough.

Try furniture to the interior, a lamp to the ceiling, a painting to the wall, a refrigerator to the kitchen or a washbasin to your bathroom.


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